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Skyelark of London - Day 8 - the one that didn't get away

Day 8

The weather has calmed a little, particularly last night which for the first time was quiet and dry! So, with moral running high skipper decided we should go shopping.

Phil was dispatched to launch the appropriate lucky lure, Princess, they all have names and are dispatched with a lucky kiss from a crew member, not really my thing, although heartily embraced by Charlotte. After only a shortwhile a good sized king mackerel, quite impressive we thought and the victim was soon dispatched to the galley, suitably dealt with. Don't ask!

Skipper decided we should go again as the day was still young. Within minutes the rod was whirring again and Phil leapt to take control. It quickly became apparent that this was to be a slightly larger proposition.

Eventually the beast was drawn closer to the boat, to say it was impressive was perhaps an understatement, the thing was bloody huge! Dan became excited and decided the fish was perhaps more interesting than the race, what was going on? With the boat halted the decision was taken to try and land the beast. As was illustrated on our earlier landing the Vikings (Danish girls) ably assisted Dan and Phil with the landing. Us more squeamish members of the crew watched in admiration, (I think that's the right word) as the huge white marlin, over 7 feet from top to tail, was dealt with on deck. The girls processed the fish with alarming efficiency; I will be sleeping with one eye open tonight.The amount of meat this thing produced was incredible, Dan has turned the galley into a fish processing facility working flat out for nearly two hours! Rather than a sleek pleasure yacht we have taken on the appearance of a fishing trawler! I was surprised to see Dan with a bar coding machine and pricing gun, apparently getting ready for our arrival in Saint Lucia.

All this activity has slightly shadowed lunch for which Phil had made the most incredible fresh bread rolls, served as hot dogs they were delicious.

Menu has been revised for the remainder of the week to fish. The balance has been frozen pending Dan's fish stall Saint Lucia. (Stephen)

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