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Altair - Squalls, Thunderstorms, and a Mahi!

After a night of squalls and thunderstorms, we began fishing at day break. The pink lure wasn't working so we tried a green one. After hooking two that got away, we pulled in a nice one- meal male mahi...just enough for the four of us tonight. 

When it happened, Rick and Don were down below napping; Jody and I were in the cockpit. We had just taken out the reefs in the main and put out the genoa when the fishing reel zinged announcing a fish on the line. Rick and Don leapt into the cockpit form down below. Rick took the rod, while Don and I let out sails to slow the boat from its 8 knot cruising speed. Jody went below for the "fish booze." ("Fish booze" is the cheapest rot-gut whiskey we can find, stored in a container of the same name so as not to confuse it with Mt Gay rum). Rick reeled in the fish until it got close enough for Don to gaff it and bring it on board. I poured the booze in its gills to kill it. Rick filleted and skinned it. The filets were on ice in the freezer within 10 minutes of the critter's demise. Can't wait for dinner tonight.

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