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Ailsa - Departure from Gosport

I have always thought blogs to be pretentious. Well if they bring a smile to those daft enough to read them then I guess it is Ok

This morning we boarded the care of the elderly express for Costa Geriatrica – or so it seemed in the “quiet coach” on the 9.25 train from Coventry to Bournemouth train. Thankfully neither of the couple opposite suffered a stroke en route and we dutifully arrived in Gosport in time for Waitrose to have run out of my favourite pastry. Alas we would have to make do with the left over home baking from a leaving do during the week.

So final preparations are all but complete. Shelley – posterior in photo – has found a home for the last can of baked beans somewhere in the bilge – has the gps been fixed to it I ask myself as that is the only likelihood of it being found in the future I suspect.
This is a big moment. A last supper at the Lightship – could this be the last time we will experience haute cuisine a la Gosport? - and finally departure from home port and Shelley is applying a scopolamine patch (more of these in the future!) in anticipation of the ocean swell that will confront us en route to our first stop Portland. Will we cope?...........
PS Landers now renamed Hardy’s has come on leaps and bounds and is thoroughly recommended!

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