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Crazy Horse - April 14, 2011

Only two more days to the official end of the 2010-2011 World ARC. It seems so unreal that this is coming so "fast". When we started it seemed at times as though it would never end. And here we are now having to say goodbye to so many people that helped get us through the journey. The more we all talk about this rally amongst ourselves, the more we all agree that this is the only way we would do an around the world trip. It is fast but it helps to have such an excellent staff and fleet of sailors to give support and encouragement and help in solving all the challenges we have faced.

Last night the hotel and marina where we are staying in Marigot Bay put on a cocktail party for us and the hotel guests. It was great to see Nick, Suzana, and Paul there from Rally Control. As we all mingled together, there were many questions about our journey and wonder about how we could do such a thing. REALLY, we are only just regular folks with all the same issues as everyone else. We might be a little more crazy but we are all the same. That is what we discovered about the people we have met going around the world. We are all so similar and want only to be loved, do our thing, and love someone else.

Last night, just as we started out on this adventure with Ocean Jasper in Hampton Va. we had family night on Crazy Horse. All the regulars we here, Jim and his new bride- Annette, Bob-Bobalecious Daigle and Maggie, Bill, Matt, and two special new family members from Basia- Anna and Cat. We had a beautiful fish caught and prepared by Bob (hence the name), a risotto made by Matt to die for, and a salad prepared by me, and rolls prepared by Maggie. We had a real family meal with everyone talking at the same time- at times, excitement, joy, a full table, a prayer, and a most important ingredient a true caring for each other. So thanks to everyone who participated.

Anna and Cat from Basia are staying in the nearby Discovery hotel. They await the coming of their parents on Tucanon. We all await the coming of Jeannius, Tucannon, Chessie, Grand Filou, and Kalliope to complete this fleet of adventurers and cross the finish line. We know that Stephen and Aileen from A Lady will probably be here in some way if not on their boat. So the excitement builds for the grand finale of this event. One of the owners, Andrew Bishop, will be here with some words of wisdom for us all. He works, along with his staff to make this trip truly amazing. But of course there is always room for improvement so we will all have some ideas for making it even better in the future. I am sure that Andrew will be receptive to many of our musings.

Crazy Horse still has quite a way to go to Chesapeake Bay and MYC. But we certainly don't have as far to go as we did last year at this time. Bill says we have about 2000 miles to go to home. Some of the folks are done and keeping their boats here or some nearby island. Some others are going back
to the states, others are going back to Europe with their boats.

Rosemary, Bill and Matt

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