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Crazy Horse - March 17

Our net controller today happens to be Stephen Hyde, who hails from Ireland and on St. Patty's Day but of course! We all wish him an especially good day. He did a good job of trying to keep in touch with Eowyn at the morning check in. It was difficult to hear Basia and Eowyn so far off and power is a concern for them all. Eowyn and Tucannon must stick close to Basia since they have limited lights and power due to the collision. Using the SSB requires lots of power from the boat and when one is using the engine in some cases it is harder to transmit.Eowyn and Tucannon are trying to sail
along with Basia but there are many storms and in some cases the engine must be used. But it sounds like everyone is in good spirits in spite of the circumstances. All these people are very special and very resilient.

We on Crazy Horse continue to have storms and rain. We were able to sail along for a couple of days with no engine and blazing along between 8-10kts. Then at 7am today the storms came from the NW and the wind was everywhere.We tried to sail for an hour through all the crazy wind but in the end just decided to motor. We are hoping the wind will become more consistent. The rain has stopped for the moment. We still have cloudy skies and the possibility of rain however.

This rain has made us realize we have leaks in places we never knew we had. It will be good to dry out and attend to these spots when we get to marina. There is nothing major just leaks dripping from various places. Other than that Crazy Horse has handled all the weather with grace. After getting us around Cape of Good Hope I think we all trust her with our lives. She is a good ship.

The last few days have tired us all out if not with the constant movement of the ship, the emotional concern that we feel for Basia. Last night I went to bed at 7pm and Matt allowed me to sleep through my watch until 5:30am. I should have been on at 4am. That is a first for me! I am usually up all night every hour checking on Bill or Matt. That was nice of Matt to let me sleep. Guess I was getting a little grouchy and he thought it would do me good. I do feel better today . Matt seems better with his cough as well. He got a little extra sleep as well yesterday.

So for now we plod along toward Grenada. Perhaps we will see the sun sometime today.

Rosemary, Bill and Matt

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