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Epiphany - Day 8

It was another difficult night, this time dealing with light winds. It would blow 10-12 knots for 10 mins and the drop to 5. So the boat would move for a while but then stop and all the sails would bang. We really didn’t want to use any more diesel so we had a rule if the wind doesn’t come back within 10 mins then engine comes on. So many times we did this and then 5 minutes later engine off. Kind of frustrating. It also meant I didn’t get much sleep as I was up and down helping with sail trim and decision to use the engine or not. 

Finally this morning the wind stabilised and we could set the sails for a while. It seems we just made it into the west of the low pressure. Giving us nice 10-15 knots on the beam. We need a boat speed of 5.5-6 knots to keep progressing through this wind and just about making it. Behind us is a big wind hole so lots of motivations to get the sails trimmed as best as possible. 

We are back on normal watch schedule again and having tagine dinner tonight. Our first dinner together for a few days. 

I’m still useless or unlucky at fishing. Had a bite yesterday but the line broke and we lost another lure. I still keep trying though. 

We are in the middle of the fleet although can’t see anyone and out of VHF range so it feels very remote. In our class we are 2nd but without adjusting for motoring hours it’s hard to know where we really stand. We just sail our own pace and try to let Epiphany enjoy her time in the Atlantic. 

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