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Epiphany - Day 6

We are still heading into wind. It’s been a little bit uncomfortable but we are all ok and it should ease soon. From the tracker it looks like most of the boats are in the same position as us, trying to track E without going to far S. 

Sailing upwind is uncomfortable for a few reasons. First Epiphany is healed over 20-30deg so life is at an angle. Second we heading into the waves so the boat is going up and down as well as being at an angle. And third, typically go are not heading directly for the finish point and so it seems to take ages to make progress. 

We are all feeling a little sea sick and tired. Yesterday I had a diet of Jacob’s crackers and digestives. Today was a step up with a tin of veg soup and spaghetti hoops! It’s partly you don’t have an appetite and partly so hard to cook anything you client have the energy. 

Unfortunately Charlie was feeling very sick last night, as I’ve experienced sea sickness many times my no 1 cure is rest, close your eyes and sleep as much a possible. So we have her last night and today off as much as possible. She is perking up now and I think will be back in full form soon. We have all been there and it’s fully understandable. 

So it’s just been me me Dad sharing watches the last 24 hours. With the sails set and so few boats around there is not much too it. Just stay awake and every 10 mins check the AIs, radar and have a look around. It means we also lost track of time a bit, just sleeping when we can and doing watches when the other needs a rest. 

Epiphany on the other hand is doing great. She just goes and goes


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