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Epiphany - Day 3

We are sailing! We started to get wind late last night but it was dark so we just used the main and Genoa on a broad reach. Managed only 3-4kts but it was a nice break for the motor after 50+ hours so far. When morning light came and I finally woke up my Dad and I got the parasail out. Initially it was collapsing as we still have only light winds but once we furled the main sail it started to work properly. We are now doing 4-5 knots in 7-10 true wind at 160 apparent wind angle. This keeps us on course of about 50deg so a little north of the great circle route but it’s fine as after the weekend we expect NE winds which will push us south again.

The other job for this morning was to fill diesel tank while the sea is still flat. 5.5 cans went in about 120litres. Meaning we still have about 440- 460l left. It also takes the weight off the bow and into the bilge helping us sail better.

The outlook is not too bad. Early next week we have a high pressure from above so will be into wind a bit. After that we should head into the bottom of a low pressure which will give us following winds to the Azores. It could be quite strong though and in that case we just head a bit more south where the wind will be lighter. Still far too early for an eta with 1,400 miles to go but so far so good.


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