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Champagne Hippy - Day 13/14 - 2nd/3rd December

After days of very little happening with Rodney (apart from the endless sargassum weed, yesterday early in the day finally some action! Josh caught a small tuna (most exciting) however, it was too small for us to keep so back into the wild it went. Apart from that yesterday went by with very little else to comment on and was a fairly uneventful day. We have all commented in the last few days how the days are all blurring into one. 


Today however has been full of activity! Rodney went off at speed and it was my turn to reel something in. After a small battle, I pulled in yet another decent-sized Wahoo! Josh guided me through filleting it and we’re all looking forward to cooking it up when we get to St Lucia (now only a day away fingers crossed!!). 


We had a few green potatoes that had started growing new roots so instead of simply getting rid of them we decided to have a rather entertaining boat Olympics. This consisted of the below: 

  • Over arm throw 
  • Shot putt throw 
  • A discus style sling 
  • A catapult (makeshift with a lid and exercise band) 
  • Catch the potato in the fishing belt 
  • Ninja potato 


Judging was based purely off opinion as we had no way of measuring the distance thrown. I did mention to all competitors that bribes were welcome however being the upstanding athletes that they are none arrived (to my disappointment). It was stiff competition all around with Matt taking an early lead. Jonnie found it all too much and went to lay down, at which point Becca joined and made an amazing leap into a podium position before she and Julia took joint Gold overall!


We are very much looking forward to getting to St Lucia, having a few rum punches and speaking with some other crews to reflect on what an amazing experience this has been!


Champagne Hippy Crew x


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