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Wolkenschlößchen - Day 11 - Crew take a mid Atlantic dip!

We keep experiencing rather light winds on our northern course. While this means that we are not exactly racing towards Saint Lucia, it also means that we are having a relaxed time on board. 
And while our friends and family back home are experiencing first snow falls, the air and water here is getting warmer and warmer. Today, this meant: time for a swim!!! 
We took down all sails and one by one jumped into the Atlantic. What a thrill, knowing that we are as far from land as we could be and have 1000's of meters and wildlife below us! But it was soooo refreshing, bathing in 25°C warm water. We guess, this was not the last dip on this trip!
To celebrate yesterday's half time milestone, we started the day with pancakes and the had our next round of steaks for dinner. Cooking works really well on this passage and still, our fresh vegetables are surviving. At this point, the best survivors are apples, pears and lemons, as well as pepper, zucchini, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. The last mangos are planned for next breakfast, the last bananas were transformed today into ice cream for the days ahead. We lost however the last 3 avocados today and had to let them rest as sea. Farewell, dear friends, we miss you!
Daily run: 144nm

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