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Aqualuna - Midnight Sun: Day 12 (on the night watch)

I can hardly believe our luck! We’ve had champagne sailing for the last few days.  Aqualuna has settled down into her groove and is joyously dashing along under a blue, blue sky with a spicy force 4-5 filling the twins. She’s rocking and rolling merrily along with the following seas. It’s wall-to-wall sunshine out here with the bluest ocean imaginable.  

However, it is the night time that is truly spectacular.  We have been lucky enough to have a full moon for the last few days and she is shining fit to burst her buttons and making the night watches truly spectacular.  

We are looking forward to arriving in Grenada - and ever so slightly envious that those speedy speed merchants who’ve been leading the pack all the way are (unbelievably) due in tomorrow whilst we still have a few days to run.  However, I am also thankful that we have some more time out here in this watery wilderness.  I am loving the time we’ve been given to live in the moment and I’m glad to be alive out here.  So for now we are making the most of this incredible experience.  

To celebrate, I’ve spent my night watch writing a poem to try and capture the moon:

Midnight Sun

The moon is slowly rising 

Firstly peeping through the clouds

Until with waxing confidence

She soars into the sky 

A disc of light, intense and bright

I’m awestruck once again

As she flares the empty ocean 

For on land it’s not the same 

Blazing bright above us 

To illuminate the sea

She’s not Diana’s crescent bow

Out here she’s Neptune’s sphere

In full and rounded glory 

She is not a hunter’s toy

Instead she is a sailors’ moon 

That drifts the inky sky 

Through watches in the dead of night

She lights the way ahead

And highlights lurking thundery squalls

And other Devil’s work

She shines a path across the sea 

That bonds her to our stern

For in the warm Atlantic night 

She’s the sailors’ midnight sun


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