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Champagne Hippy - Day 7 - November 25th

There was a beautiful sunrise this morning after which Josh put some croissants in the oven to make waking everyone up early (to put the spinnaker up) a little easier, he also made coffee so forgiveness was swift. 


Rodney (the fishing rod) finally decided to pull his weight after a few days off, Matt steadied himself and reeled in a Wahoo! Later in the evening, these made a delicious starter prior to Julias fantastic chick pea curry!


Apart from that today has been very much the same as yesterday, suns out music on, sails are up!


 Due to today being a “slow news day” and our 7th day at sea I thought we could introduce ourselves by answering the below 7 questions:


  1. Name/age
  2. Where are you from?
  3. How long have you been sailing/working on boats? 
  4. What’s your favorite thing about sailing?
  5. Where has been your favorite place to sail?
  6. What’s your most memorable sailing/boating experience?
  7. If you were to build a boat what would you name it?


  1. Julia, 22
  2. Wadowice, south of Poland
  3. Sailing since May of this year
  4. The views, the animals, and the motion of the ocean
  5. So far, this has been my favorite trip
  6. The turtle rescue mission is one I will never forget. Or Champagne Hippy's first sea trial after the refit
  7. Josephine


  1. Becca, 26 
  2. A town called Bicester in Oxfordshire.
  3. I’ve been working on boats since March 2022 
  4. Sealife, the freedom, meeting adventurous people, challenges, and the journey
  5. Croatia
  6. Island hopping in Croatia and saving the turtles on this trip is definitely a favorite! 
  7. Will let everyone know in a few months.


  1. Matt, 30 
  2. Harare, Zimbabwe (living in a small town called Brackley most of my life)
  3. Working on boats for 10 ish years in one way or another 
  4. Turning the engine off and gliding through the sea with the wind and the sea creatures. 
  5. Sailing (motoring) under the Sydney Harbour Bridge most days for work doing whale tours. And Croatia… 
  6. Too many to choose from! Sailing a 32ft yacht solo on my days off in Croatia around the islands. 
  7. Will let you know in a few months at the naming ceremony.


  1. Gi, 29
  2. Staffordshire UK 
  3. I started working on boats this year with Josh but have grown up around boats my whole life.
  4. The wildlife encounters you have and the skies you see. The nights are full of stars then mornings and evenings you get incredible sunrises and sunsets.
  5. I spent a few days exploring the Whitsunday islands in Australia on a catamaran and it was just so beautiful there! 
  6. Being part of the Oyster Regatta in Palma this year! It was my first time racing and I found it exhilarating, it was a bonus that we won a few races along the way!  
  7. Mitji Mitji after the bar that Josh and I had our first date in 3 years ago 


  1. Josh, 30 
  2. A small village in the north of Buckinghamshire 
  3. Sailing, since a young kid. Working 11+ years 
  4. Enjoying the journey and the challenges 
  5. Croatia or sailing into Rio de 
  6. Sailing around the U.K. with my grandad double-handed or winning the Oyster Cup this year. Tough choice… 
  7. Zephyranthes II (after my grandad's yacht)


  1. Jon, 19
  2. A little village north of Birmingham called Hoar Cross
  3. Working on boats officially for two weeks 
  4. Watching the kite do its thing
  5. Mallorca 
  6. Pilot whales 
  7. Jazzabell

Champagne Hippy Crew x 

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