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Uno - Day 3: Kids on Dolphin watch!


Tuesday 21st November, 2023

Day 3

Today, we were woken up at 730am by the kids, who were on early morning watch, yelling “Dolphins!”. We came up to see a pod of at least 20 dolphins coming over to our boat to ride the bow. We clipped our harnesses on the safety lines & went out to lay down on the trampoline nets and watched them swim and play for about 15 minutes. Always the coolest thing to see! There was even a little baby with mum. The weather today is very moody with low cloud and a haziness around. There’s no real sunshine breaking through and the temperature has definitely cooled. We have one crew member down with a cold and one kid feeling a little snotty. Everyone is saying the same thing - we haven’t been sick in so long! All those late nights out recently, drinking more alcohol or sugary drinks than usual, combined with all the final preparations, little start-line nerves & a lack of sleep is a perfect storm for getting run down. Blended up some papaya, watermelon, lime and banana for a vitamin boost for the crew this morning.

We caught a mahi mahi in the evening, just in time to add it to the menu along with panko crumbed chicken tacos.

We’ve changed the night shift routine tonight to accommodate one less crew so they can get a full night’s sleep to get better. Tonight instead we will be doing 3 x four hours shifts. Stoked to see the bioluminescence is hanging around too!



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