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Cloud Jumper - Back on the Sea!

(Slightly outdated post due to satellite phone issue)
19 Nov.
The last day was very busy. We managed to finalize all the preparations of the departure. The entire port of Las Palmas was buzzing with crew mates running between the miniMarket and the laundrette. At 11 O'clock, the sailors pose a last footprint on the wharf before 3 weeks and the first vessels start to leave the land. We are joining the party at 12:00. The ocean is crowded with hundreds of boats. We are sneaking between all those beauties and positioning ourself on a good spot near the start line. 13:00 sharp, BOOM! The gun sounds in the air, this is it! Our next top will be Saint Lucia. After the first hour of sailing, we had to turn on the engine due to the very weak wind. But finally, the wind increased to 15knots during this first night. One thought in our mind: "now we are sailing!" Mathias, Cloud Jumper crew here, over.

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