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Aqualuna - Dancing With Dolphins

Atlantic Crossing - Day 5: We welcomed in the morning with a succession of dolphins racing over to check us out and carouse in the bow wave. The elation you feel when surrounded by these glorious creatures is extraordinary. So, here is the poem I wrote to try and portray the joyousness of the experience and to celebrate all the dolphins who have joined us for a brief moment in time on our journey so far …..

Dolphins! we shout, and up goes the cry
Wave surfing, crest hurdling, they’re coming to race
Our boat is too tempting for them to pass by
And tilting the rollers they joyfully fly
To join in our fun and to pick up the pace

We’re loving their mischief and glorious glee
Our hearts soar and thrill in the midst of the pod
Athletic and strong they are boiling the sea
Ecstatic to join us but wild and free
We’re key to their game and a part of the squad

At the bow lies the glory for fleet-finned and brave
They roister and jostle, giggle-squeaking and skreaking
Just missing each other we thrust and close-shave
Competing for triumph and shooting the waves
Through marshmallow foaming they’re daring and streaking

Amidships are those who are eager to know
What strange creature we are and why we are there
From separate worlds but together we flow
Sharing a route for a short while we go
A brief moment in time for a dance that we share

At the flick of a tail fin the racing is done
Something else has their focus and away they will chase
It isn’t important who lost and who won
Cos it’s just for the craic and because it is fun
For those comrades of Neptune and spirits of grace


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