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Walkabout - Another Day for Fishing

S18:37 W165:52

The morning shift consists of two important things, getting the blog written but more importantly getting the fishing lines in. We haven’t has much success since the Mahi that we caught on the first day, we did have two bites yesterday at the same time so Andrew was woken up to try and pull them both in. No sooner had he made it up here and started to bring the Genoa in to slow us down both fish decided they didn’t want to be dinner that evening. Gratefully they left both of our lures behind and swam off. We haven’t yet managed to land a double catch at the same time, although it is a goal.

It has been quite a slow night aboard Walkabout as the wind has gradually died over the night. We have had sails crashing and banging a little as the wind dropped below 9 knots. Thankfully at 6am the wind had a large shift and has come round to 140 degrees instead of 100 or less. This gives us a much better wind angle to sail. We now have the wind just off the beam and are making good progress at 6.5 knots. If conditions allow we might put the G1 up for even more speed. Its not just a race! If we can average over 6 knots over the next 2 days it will mean that we get in before darkness on Friday.

It has been a very different passage to the rest we have had across the Pacific. Bron is part of the team and now always doing day shifts and often night shifts. It means for much more time off shift for us and more time for sleep. This also being my last big passage onboard makes you really try and appreciate every sunrise, sunset and night when the stars or moon are out.

We have been reading up on Niue for our arrival. So far it sounds like its going to be the best place we have been to, it sounds like such and chilled out happy community there that are very welcoming. The amount of place to eat and drink also sound rather good. We will keep you updated! With only 230 miles left to run we are all looking forward to getting ashore and enjoying another lovely community. Getting ashore doesn’t sound easy though. Once you have dropped everyone off on the dock out of the dinghy you need to take the dinghy to the crane, hook your dinghy on, get of of the dinghy yourself, lift your dinghy with the crane, lower the dinghy onto a trolley, wheel you dinghy to the place to leave your dinghy and then take your dinghy off the trolley! After all of this you are allowed ashore apart from the $150NZ per person fee you have to pay to leave Niue! Apart from all of that it sounds pretty lovely!

The sun is now up and it is light, Andrew is working away pulling both reefs out of the main and Bron and Traci are sleeping after their night shifts.

Lots of love from all of us onboard,


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