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Walkabout - Day 5: Variable, Mainly Good

S18:23 W163:37

Back in the day, when people listened to the weather forecast on the BBC (whether though interest, boredom, inability to sleep or because it was before the news) there were (and still are) a variety of expressions that are used to describe the various facets of the weather. For example, ‘Variable” is used in relation to winds being ‘light and variable’. ‘Mainly good’ is used in relation to the visibility.

These days we all have access to the weather in all sorts of forms on line. Up until this passage we have relied on downloading Grib files whilst at sea and interpreting them to devise the best weather route. But Starlink has changed all that now. Now we can access all sorts of online weather information and multiple means of generating weather routing. But the general situation is the same out here as it is back home - the forecast is always a bit wrong.

Over the last 24 hours our wind conditions have been ‘variable’, but not in the accepted sense. We have gone from very little, to more than enough, to wish there was a bit less, back to wishing there was a bit more. Then overall the wind direction, and that has gone from an unexpectedly close reach, to a good beam reach to difficult downwind in the middle of the night, to ok but could be better. So ‘variable’ sums it up.

Mainly good is how the sailing and progress has been over the last 24 hours. Overnight has been a bit tricky, but otherwise we have made good progress. The sea state has also been variable, and perhaps’ less bad’ than may have been envisaged from the forecast. I think the BBC should bring in the term ‘less bad’ so there is some comparison to the current or preceding day’s weather…

The Fishing Club is back in action - but without success. Since catching our Mahi Mahi on day one we have managed to lose 2 good lures. One went following the reels screaming out until all the line was used up. Something big was on the line, and something was going to break. Happily it wasn’t the rod, but one of our last remaining good lures was gone. Then a brand new purchase in Bora Bora was seriously damaged by something with sharp teeth, to the extent that it won’t work properly now. So we are starting to scrape the barrel for lures that may catch anything. Overall, it may be more cost effective to buy fish at the market rather than keep losing lures - but nothing beats landing a fish and having the freshest of meals.

The temperature has been noticeably cooler over the last 24 hours. We have all become very accustomed to 28-31 degrees. So an overnight drop to about 25 degrees feels a bit chilly! Hope you all feel a little bit sorry for us….!

’Till next time,

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