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Avventura - Bermuda - Azores : Day 14

38:31.937N 28:37.495W alle 03:34 (03:35UTC) del 01 giugno 2023.

It seemed to last only a moment.
From the first sight of blurred islands on the horizon to our entrance in the port of Horta. From the strong winds and waves of the start to the sunny days in the high pressure. From start to finish, from Bermuda to the Azores.
Just and instant, a dream.

And yet in this moment everything was lived. The joy of being in the middle of the blue, of feeling the wind pushing us forward. The intensity of every moment, good or bad but precious nonetheless because shared between the six of us.
These fourteen days of sea gave us more than we could ask for. Every hard day was generously rewarded, Every rainfall had its rainbow. Every bad wave brought a whale. So often, we were left speechless from the beauty of the moments we lived. It reassured us in our endeavor, encouraged us to push forward.

Sooner than we could realize, we had Horta in front of us. The green fields of the island seem to welcome us, offering a perfect contrast to the blue we had become accustomed to.
Horta is a temple for all seafarers, and the thousands of names of visiting boats is a proof of that. Walking on it is a privilege, as well as a great pride, for we have also crossed the Atlantic to get here.
Tonight we shall celebrate, and try the local food. It shall be well accompanied by drinks: we don't come back from an ocean crossing everyday.

It is in the traditional Café Sport that I write these last lines, along with the last drink of the night. Here many flags from all around the world cover every spot of wall and ceiling, and even more stories are shared loudly in between empty glasses. For all we can tell, we have arrived, and we have arrived to the right place.

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