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Avventura - Bermuda - Azores : Day 9

38:22.588N 42:08.477W alle 21:00 (22:00 UTC) del 26 maggio 2023.
Today we enjoyed what should be our last day on a calm sea without much wind. We got into a leisurely cruising mood recently: enjoying the sun, observing the whales and dolphins and reading all afternoon. We treat ourselves with food, like yesterday's crêpes or today's paté toasts. We played card at sunset and then music when it got too dark.
At some point we intercepted a secret radio transmission on VHF channel 72. Upon further spying it turned out to be two German kids from nearby sailboats playing a game of trivia. Apparently the biggest sand castle ever made stood 17 meters.
Avventura behaves admirably in light winds. Pulled by our gennaker, she manages to go an honest 4-5 knots when the wind is barely 8 knots. Being at the helm in these conditions is a game of patience and dexterity, both needed to take advantage of the light wind. With the boat very quiet, only the sound of the wind and small waves can be heard. Sometimes one of these waves makes a breathing sound, and we realize that dolphins are once again visiting. During the night, their presence in the dark can be a bit frightening, until we see their scintillating body making a luminous trail that makes them almost magical.

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