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Avventura - Bermuda - Azores : Day 6

34:40.642N 51:02.740W alle 21:00 (23:00 UTC) del 22 maggio 2023.

In a couple of days we should reach the halfway point. Wednesday night maybe. It is a motive for celebration, showing our progress so far, but also a testament to how long is still left.

The wind has come from roughly the same direction and with the same intensity for about three days, giving them a sense of monotony. Whether this is perceived as negative or positive is entirely up to one's state of mind.

When spending long days at sea, making seemingly insignificant progress on the map, the "why" question sometimes arises. Why do it?

Maybe it is the natural wish of anyone that steps foot on a good sailboat to once experience how far it can take us, to cross an ocean.
Maybe simply to live this human experience, forming a small society for a while, with a clear objective that unites us.
Maybe it is about smaller moments, or even just states of mind, harder to put into words, that are only possible in these conditions. Far from land, from friends and relatives, from world events, far from everything but the simplest elements, like Moitessier, who famously chose to kept sailing in order to "save his soul".

The previous days described nice times of all sorts as well as some hardships, in which if not purpose, at least some sort of completeness can be found.

Ultimately, we are lucky to be here, to do what we enjoy doing and to live slowly, at an average speed of 6 knots.

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