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Jadamama - Jadamama Blog 30th March towards Galapagos

The Return of the Jadamama
It has been a frustrating, though enjoyable, week spent in Panama City carrying out repairs to our starship.

Our ardent followers will be aware that about 12 hours out of Las Perlas on our voyage to the Galapagos we heard some loud noises coming from the main halyard/#1 reef/jib sheet turning block on the starboard side deck as we put in a reef. Close inspection indicated that the fibreglass supporting the blocks had cracked and was at risk of giving way altogether, leaving us in a serious but not dangerous situation.

After discussion with Key Yachting our only alternative was to return to Panama City for repairs, this against the wind and current we had up to now been enjoying in our favour! After a lot of banging and crashing into waves and motor sailing under #2 reef, we made it back to La Playita early on Friday morning and immediately made arrangements with the folks from Shelter Bay to affect repairs.

Jesus arrived after lunch to quote a 5 day repair schedule, which came as a bit of a shock to us, but his professionalism and charm won us over.

As the repair site was my cabin, I made arrangements to adjourn to a nice air conditioned hotel in the city for a few nights, not much hardship really. Michael and I enjoyed a bike tour of the city, much meandering through the old town looking for boat items and some great crew dinners in town. I even procured a Panama hat, though not the $5,000 one !

Anyway the fix was complete, fibreglass reinforced, stainless backing plate installed and gelcoat repaired (we also took the opportunity to beef up the port side blocks) on Wed Mar 29. After some last minute fresh food provisioning with the kind help of our new friend Innigo, of Combilift fame, we eventually set sail again yesterday afternoon.

A great breeze and following current saw us back at the exact spot where we had had to turn back a week previously after about 8 hours. We continue to enjoy a good wind and following current as I write. Onwards to the Galapagos!


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