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Mary Doll - Day 2 - Soggy Breeks

Today started off in a very soggy fashion.

It’s great sailing downwind (going in the same direction as the wind is blowing) as you have a nice breeze through the boat and the path across the water is generally smoother and more comfortable. The downside is that when we get a Caribbean style downpour (aka ‘totally pishing’ doon) we get the full cold water shower treatment. Standing at the wheel soaked to the skin… ah, this is the life!

Shouldn’t complain as the downpours don’t last long and the warm breeze dries you out quite quickly. Normally fully dry just as the next shower comes through and the whole sequence starts once more.

We are making good progress, cruising along at good average speeds. The sea is a bit ‘confused’, the waves don’t know which way to go, all crash into each other and makes for a bumpy, rolly ride. Need to be careful when moving around the boat and sleeping is a bit of a challenge - finding a sleeping position where you don’t get thrown around can be tricky.

So we were all a bit sleep deprived at end of day two but conditions have improved and we’re looking forward to catching up on shut eye and taking in the relatively calm ocean waves and blue skies. All on board in good shape and enjoying each others’ company.

The field is thinning out and we can only physically see a couple of other boats now but we can see others on radar, etc. We can keep in touch and have a quick chat on the radio. Good to hear everyone in high spirits and sharing their stories.

Weather outlook looking calmer and drier so maybe the soggy breeks condition won’t reoccur for a day or two, unless a flying fish lands on my lap in the dead of night. That can give anyone an involuntary, bladder releasing trauma.


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