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Rhapsody - Rhapsody - Day 15: The boat quiz

On Rhapsody we are fans of (even if not very good at) the Guardian Saturday Quiz and the BBC quiz show Only Connect. It is in this vein that we invite you to answer the following:

Round 1 - What links…

Q) Sirens, kraken, mermaids and the NE trade winds?
A) They’re all nautical myths and legends

Q) Sunshine, sausages, salad and star-filled night skies?
A) Things that we had on board a week ago and would like to see again

Q) Nightwatch squalls, electrical storms, westerly winds and soggy waterproofs?
A) Things that we’ve experienced over the past week that we would like to never see again.

Round 2 - What comes next in the sequence?

Q) No wind + engine on + 10 minutes; perfect wind + spinnaker up + 10 minutes; no wind + spinnaker down + 10 minutes…
A) Perfect wind + spinnaker up + 10 minutes (repeat ad nauseam)

Q) 130 degrees, 90 degrees, 250 degrees…
A) Your guess is as good as ours (wind direction)

Q) A change in our fortunes, NE Trade winds, sunshine…
A) St Lucia and rum punch (in eight days we hope!)

Frustration abounds on Rhapsody but for now we are back in shorts and T-shirts and we have mushroom risotto on the menu for dinner, so things could be worse.

Clr nd th crw f Rhpsdy

(Missing vowels round)

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