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Aquavita - Day 15 dumpling dinner

It's a raining day today so we decided to make Chinese dumplings. It's my favorite meal, homemade dumplings! We had to prepare for them all day and in the evening we made them. Everyone sits at the table and helps. One person rolls the dough while 2-3 put the filling in and fold them. Then when we have enough to fill a pot someone goes and cooks them. After they are cooked we stop working momentarily to eat the batch and then get back to work. This process continues until everyone is full and all the filling or dough is used up.

The only thing was the sea was not calm at all. It made boiling dumplings in hot water in the rolling conditions very challenging. But they turned out nice as usual. We ate the dumplings with sauce made up of soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and garlic. It was so delicious as always!

Author: Jason

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