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Aquavita - Day 14 breakfast with dolphins

In the morning when I was upstairs with Daddy I saw a splash in the water and I knew it couldn't be a wave. A few seconds later there were more splashes and I shouted "DOLPHINS!" The dolphins were small but there were probably 50-100 of them. It was an amazing sight. They were swimming all around the boat and through the crystal clear blue water. The baby dolphins were jumping out of the water and I got some great pictures. They were everywhere you looked and some of them had tags. Sometimes 3 of them came up right next to each other and at the exact same time. Mummy had breakfast while sitting on the "dolphin" seat in the front of the boat, watching the dolphins. They stayed with us for almost an hour.

For lunch Daddy cooked a yummy barbequed steak and homemade "American" fries.

For dinner Mummy made one of my favorite dishes, cold noodles with cut up carrot and cucumber prepared by the kitchen hand - me. Mmm, it's so good.

Author: Jason

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