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Mistral of Portsmouth - Exploring the San Blas Islands

The islands are stunning - small, deserted, lush, fringed with palm trees and surrounded by shallow aquamarine waters. Kuna Indians live on the bigger islands - very gentle and charming people. They live from the land and the sea and create ‘mola’ - hand sewn pictures of local life that are sold to anyone who will buy. I have 5 so far!

After a night on our first anchorage, we decided to motor to a different location … the waters are so shallow and with reefs all around the islands we have to travel in daylight with the sun behind us so we can see the shallows and reefs. We approached a lagoon called the hot tub … a narrow channel takes you in … it was beautiful but we lost our nerve when it came to anchoring as there was just too much reef and shallow water. Moving on, we found another tiny beautiful island - Miriadiadup - from which to anchor.

We swam from the boat to the island and met the 2 families who live on the island. We were shown their home, their spear guns, a fantastic array of mola and met the children - they live an incredibly simple life.

There’s quite a breeze so snorkelling hasn’t been successful for me - the shallow water is too chopped but we have managed yoga on the beach and explored the surrounding islands in the tender. We have seen rays, pelicans and beautiful conch shells amongst all the coconuts. We are pinching ourselves. It’s idyllic.

We continue to eat well aboard. Mistral. I had been desperate to eat mince pies at Christmas so had bought the ingredients and made the mincemeat. Jane made some delicious pastry so last night, mincemeat tart for desert … SO delicious! Jane is a fabulous cook and between us, we dine like kings.



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