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Salamander - Land Ahoy!

After 20 days at sea we finally spot land off our port bow. At 1835 UTC we spot our first outcrop - Alan who was on watch, questioned, what is that? The answer was that it was St. Lucia, the destination island of our trans Atlantic crossing.

As we make our way towards the islands on the giant rolling waves that are crossing under us, their magnificence amplified by the slowly setting sun, we can make out more and more detail.

Our waypoint is moving ever closer and we make preparations for our arrival. The equipment we have used on the crossing either cleaned or stowed, including sheets and clothes lines, blocks and tackle.

Our ARC number is reattached to the guard rails in preparation for crossing the finish line in a few hours time.

Crew instructions are given and we prepare our crew shirts and deck shoes, alongside our life jackets and safety harnesses.

Very soon we will be back to the real world. Or maybe, just maybe, we are leaving the real world behind us.

Mary the flag lady we will be with you shortly. I'm looking forward to sharing our story and completing it with our meeting.

Tim - Salamander Tour Manager and Guest Social Media Editor

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