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Circe - What You Don’t Know About Me: the Final At-Sea Blog

What You Don’t Know About Me: the Final At-Sea Blog

For those of you who have been reading my daily blogs, you’ve likely gotten to know me a little bit.

Within hours, we will be pulling into Rodney Bay Marina. What have you learned about me by reading my blogs?

You’ve learned that I enjoy writing, and that at times, my writing is eloquent, wordy, corny, or humorous. I hope you’ve gotten a few laughs, as it’s always been a pleasure of mine to make people laugh.

You’ve learned that I’ve traveled the world both living in and visiting countries with diverse cuisines.

You’ve learned I love Tolkien and I eat second breakfasts.

You’ve learned one of the reasons I decided to make this transatlantic passage was for the chance to see the majestic whale in its own habitat.

And perhaps you’ve learned that I don’t take life too seriously: there is a reason for that. This reason is one thing that you don’t know about me yet it impacts my perspective of life in every second of every day: I am a Stage IV metastatic cancer patient. This is the mother of all reasons I’m on this passage. I have no guarantees in my life’s longevity, and that fact definitely alters the lens through which I see life. I don’t care if I’m corny or silly. This is the time for that, for bringing laughter into my life and to those around me: “Laugh and the world laughs with you.” And oh, how I love to laugh. What I do care about is living my life as if I don’t have cancer at all, to seize every day. At times, I’ll admit, difficult to do.

If there’s one last thing I can share with you, it would be to encourage you to treasure each day, every wind filled sail, every whale of a tale, every corny blog, even to treasure those days when you have to motor - for you are moving forward, to a future, to a life’s bounty of your own choosing.

I know the day will likely come when the disease outweighs my body’s ability to live as I would choose, but for now, I’m reaching for those stars above my mast.


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