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Amandla Kulu - SUBJECT: D19_ Best day yet

Captain’s Log. Star Date 09 Dec. 

Day 19. Twentieth day on the water.

2314 GMT.
2114 Local.

13º 13 N
056º 41 W


What a privilege it is to be here. 
The day started some seventeen hours ago, if you count from the last time I got up. Over night we received a few heavy squalls. The latter of which I did not need to get involved in managing, at all. The team had it. 
Tom sounding like a real professional at times.
The forecast was for the breeze to drop, which it did so throughout the day. We hoisted the Code Zero and used it as a big headsail to climb to windward. Our speed to waypoint St Lucia shot up as a consequence. Louisa really nail the helming. It was quite technical and she utterly found the grove. It’s a fine balance between powered up and moving [relatively] quickly and stopped with a collapsed sail. 
As the breeze drops, it is opportune to ‘dry the powder’. Everyone has been a bit soggy and Amandla Kulu is pretty damp and sweaty. Some heat and air to blow through and dry is a great thing. 
This afternoon, the breeze dropped completely. At one point we had a 60º header (where the wind shifts 60º ’the wrong way’ for us). We dropped the Zero, Will doing a great job as #1 on the foredeck with Terry a strong and stoic #2. John and Jules working the cockpit. Although there was not any breeze, it was a little tricky to furl the sail and keep it super neat. 
Hoisted the headsail and coasted along really nicely under gentle breeze. Danish yacht ‘Pinto’ hailed us and asked us if we knew any World Cup scores. I think It this was reference to a round-ball game. No idea what is happening in the world, let alone round ball game. 
This afternoon has been a wonderful few hours. Really lovely. First time in three weeks, where it felt there was actually time to breathe. I spent a great few hours on the helm, feathering the rudder, teasing slowly through the building swell, towards the general direction of Barbados.
John took over and completely found the grove. I had the privilege to pause for a few moments and enjoy the moment wholly. Jules drying some laundry and Peter working through the sextant. 
Will & Terry churned out a great dinner. Tom found time to read a book whilst Jen & Louisa caught up on some quality sleep. 
With no apparent sign of squalls, minimal traffic, clear skies and a 98% waning moon that does not set until 1110GMT — it could be quite a nice opportunity to get some zzz.
Stay safe.
Fair breeze, god speed and following seas. 
P.S. I’d love to hear what you think about these blogs over recent days. It would mean a great deal to hear your feelings on our journey across this ocean. 
Please do drop me, Adam,  a note: [email protected] and let me know. 

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