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Escapado - blog 1 & 7 Dec

Escapado Blog - Thurs 1st Dec & 7th Dec.

We’re currently 1,071 miles from St Lucia, (7 days away, as wind is set to decrease), having traveled 1800 miles to date.

Tongue in Cheek !!

Since a week last Sunday by the time we tie up in St. Lucia, we will have traveled circa 2,800 miles. In that time there has always been someone helming the boat and she has been moving, never stationery. No port nor jetty has been visited and the mooring wraps never saw the light of day.

We have become people living and working by the watch clock, not the standard time piece, relying on each other as never before, as last nights events testify, despite becoming en masse part of the “Great Unwashed”

The best food has been eaten and an audit of both bottled water and (believe it or not), toilet paper has revealed adequate but low levels of both. If not, the Loo Brush beckons for the latter. . .

We have but one task and that’s to get to the Island as fast as we can, in one piece and as a Ten. Walking on land again will be a treat, something stationery and fixed, and hugely new to us 17 day veterans. Stepping on land will be like Neil Armstrong historic ladder walk, to be savoured and valued.

And all this has been made possible by a simple repaired Spinnaker Pole . . .

7th Dec - Eddie and his Mates.

You often hear of ocean wildlife seeking shelter on boats mid ocean, and we to have been privileged.

Late evening Monday the weather was unpleasant and three seabirds started to circle the boat and eventually landed on the pulpit. Balancing became an art form for them plus numerous sail adjustments, they hung on.

After 24 hours only Ed remained with us with the others having flown off rested. He became unafraid of humanity and walked around the cockpit with great ease.

He too eventually left but his memory remains. Bon voyage my friend.

birds enhanced

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