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Salamander - and finally ... Tim's Reflections on ARC 2022

But before proceeding Sue and I, Alan, Andrew, Clive, Fredrik and Ralph, together the Salamander ARC 2022 Crew, partners and friends ashore and who can know who else, would like to thank Tim for all the time and thought he has put into producing this Pamphlet of the Seas for sailors and non-sailors alike, who may not have crossed an ocean, but just maybe are considering doing so.

Thank you Tim.

Chris - Salamander Skipper

and so finally to Tim's Reflections on ARC 2022.


It's been the experience of a lifetime, and it's inspired me to do more in the future. Here are my reflections on this amazing trip.

Great sailing achievement - we've crossed an ocean! Totally epic, crossing the Channel will be a different experience now!

Benefit of simplicity - life on board has been very simple, with no frills. We've been on board for a specific purpose and all our attention and effort has been focused on that one thing.

Desire to do more sailing / acquire own boat - this could have gone either way! I might never have wanted to set foot on another boat ever again. Instead it's opened my mind to other sailing possibilities and opportunities both to have my own boat and to sail with others in locations around the world.

How amazing the Universe, stars and planets are - with little light or no light pollution we've been able to see the stars in the most fabulous setting. The Milky Way, Jupiter, Mars, Sirius, Orion and the Orion Nebula, Taurus, Pleiades, Ursa Major and Minor, Polaris to make a few that have guided us across the pond.

How awesome the ocean is - we started in quite strong winds and lively seas and the expectation was that this would get more lively. It didn't! Now we are motoring on a dead flat sea! It's always going to surprise you and should never be taken for granted!

Place for letting go - there's no benefit at all to hanging on to things that don't serve you! None! Letting things go on the waves is quite a special feeling!

Place for reflection - there's plenty of uninterrupted time on a trip like this which is a great time to spend on thinking and internal reflection.

Place for healing - when you reflect and let go of things that don't serve you it opens the way for a great healing process to start and develop. Surprisingly powerful and some great insights to take forward in life.

To have a secondary purpose - when I ran the New York Marathon in 2011 I had a secondary purpose of raising money for Asthma UK charity. That helped me to keep going when things got tough. On this trip my secondary purpose is to meet Mary the flag lady and share some love from friends who met her 20 years ago. I'm genuinely excited that I'll get to do this when I reach St. Lucia.

How great the crew on Salamander are - we came together only a few days before the trip and have all got on and shared the experience in a really positive way. We've all learnt from each other. It's been a great shared experience. A Peak Experience!

How brilliant it's been to meet so many amazing people in the fleet - in the run up to the start and no doubt in St. Lucia we'll cement some great relationships. I've met many truly inspiring people on the way and no doubt I'll be meeting many again as we share our passion for sailing.

A friend of mine recommended I "stay present" and I've certainly done that!

Thanks to everyone involved in my journey across the Atlantic on this ARC, truly some great memories to cherish.

Thank you.

Tim - Salamander Tour Manager and Guest Social Media Editor

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