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Peristera - Christmas is coming

As far as I know, we are the only boat in ARC22 with an all-female crew. I joined the ARC in 2016 too, that year I think we were three.
Since then, I have sailed around the world with different crew of women. We are still very few female skippers! I do not think there are physical or mental differences between men and women that could explain why the vast majority of boats have male skippers. One explanation is the long history of male seafarers. When we think of a captain, we think of a man. But if the next generation of girls grow up, seeing both female and male skippers, this will change.
We are seven women onboard, six crew and me. All Swedish except for one, from Norway.
We have, most likely, bought too much food. Even if I know that this was the case every crossing, the panic sets in when you start thinking about being hungry at sea.
Today, we gave Peristera her Christmas decorations, and had a Swedish fika with glögg and pepparkakor. This is a very beloved tradition, also in Norway. It should include candles as well. But in this sea state, we settled with the glögg.
"Fika": Coffee or tea, with something sweet
"Glögg": Hot wine, or similar, with spices like ginger and cinnamon.
"Pepparkakor": Brown cookies shaped like stars, pigs, whatever, also with spices.
By the way, did you know that St Nicholas, the saint that guard the seas, is also known as Santa Claus?
/Linda, captain

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