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Amandla Kulu - D5_ Sh*te, no kite!

Captain’s Log. Star Date 25Nov. 

Day 5. Fifth day on the water.

2252 GMT.
2252 Local.

21º 05 N
027º 46 W
Ever to the land of the setting sun. 
It’s all becoming rather interesting. 
As the crew gain strength and confidence, the whole vessel begins to resonate.
Each of us coming to serve Neptune and his mistress, Amandla Kulu. I write a Jen goes on deck to grab some air. Tiger Terry is on the stitching detail, all is shaping up really well with our fix. 
Louisa spotting John on the wheel, she’s calling wind, wave and water — whilst John is driving instruments only. 
We passed through a whole bundle of well lit UFOs (Unidentified Floating Objects) which caused myself, Lou and Peter a few nervous moments. I attempted to raise Starry Knight who are about an hours astern of us on the VHF several times to no answer. I am sure they are keeping a better lookout than they are listening watch.
At this time we are fast pacing towards a very large fishing vessel, ‘Dadimar’ who according to AIS is heading to Mindelo; we are all strangely connected whilst being a long way from anywhere. 
That said, we are never more than 3 miles from sand once land. 
It has been a cracking day on the water. We broke both 1,000 miles done, and cracked the 2,000 miles to go to waypoint. We celebrated with Shashuka and a glass of red. Sailing-wise, it’s been a full day. A couple of quotes from Peter and Jules respectively, “we’ve not taken our foot of the gas since leaving … “ and “this certainly is not a cruise.”
Second night on the bounce under the Code Zero; we’re doing great. Had some fun with a couple of spinnakers (kites) earlier, it is never ever dull. Second All Hands Call (the first being dropping the headsail after the self-tacking car stopper failed). 
Tomorrow, we might get a little more southing in, or maybe plug along the Great Circle line a little longer. 
Fair Breeze, God speed and following seas. 

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