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Gian - After the ARC is before the ARC

After our first ARC participation in 2015, we crossed the Atlantic again in 2021 with the World Cruising Club. It was a special year, as because of the COVID virus every planning had big question marks. Therefore our ARC World 2022 was also cancelled by the WCC. Too bad, but a right decision at that time. So we had to start our plan 'B'. Caribbean instead of Pacific and then back to Croatia. But quickly it was clear to us that we want to participate in the ARC again in 2023. Why ? A great organization, a great adventure and many new friends ! Kithara, Escapade of London, Casamara, Blue Magic, Daisy, Cessa, the Dragon fleet, Sylvia and and and - encounters that you do not want to miss.
We are looking forward to the ARC 2023 ! Maybe we can defend our first place in the Cruising B Division ...

Wolfgang from ‘ Gian’

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