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Blonde Moment - LOG 5 - Arrival

"Let's head South for better, warmer weather" the skipper said during the winter when I mooted another summer cruising in Scotland.
As I write there is thunder and lightning; we are in full oilskins; it is black up ahead and although it is warmer, it is also raining!
We woke (Wednesday morning) to fog north of Finisterre and very little wind. Gradually it got brighter and enough wind to sail - Happy Days!
Then as Roy and I were on watch sailing happily along in 8-10 knots of wind we could see a line across the water. Whilst Roy went to get his waterproofs on it went from 8 to 18 and then 34 knots within seconds and seriously needing to let the mainsail out.and reef......scary! From early afternoon till we got in to Baiona at 10pm (UK time) we had no wind - squalls - too much wind - a happy amount for about 20 minutes and then repeat. At least 20-25 sail changes during this period - we really miss our genoa sail (sitting sadly on the back deck) as tacking with the storm staysail required resetting the runners not fun in the dark.

Now Thursday, safely docked and a good nights sleep -
it blew up to 35 knots with monsoonal rains. as we approached Baiona. Eventually the skipper conceded it was impossible to sail without our genoa so much to the crews relief we decided to furl sails and motored in.
At least the wind dropped as we approached our berth and it stopped raining for half an hour. BM has been thoroughly washed; fresh food has been bought; the washing is out (showers) and it is 21 degrees. Crew all well and happy to be in.


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