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Blonde Moment - Day 3

Having reported a day of surfing down huge waves in beautiful sunshine with dolphins visiting, we all enjoyed Kelsey's spag bol (thank you)! - all feeling more like it tonight.......

Overnight we had gusts of 30knts; a boat speed of 13knts on Roy's watch in the dark - great excitement. Even putting the main away at midnight we were surfing at 7-8 knts. The two boys slept well but yours truly could hear the roar of the waves and felt us being picked up and hurled into the night........ (too much imagination!)

Tuesday wind slowly decreased. We have been goosewinging since Ushant and then at 1445 bang! the headsail shackle snapped and the sail gracefully descended and very kindly went down the side of the boat into the water rather than under BM. "All hands on deck" said in earnest and an hour and a half later the headsail was tied on safely; the main and staysail were deployed and we were moving again; the crew were exhausted but very pleased noone was hurt and the sail is intact. Paul luckily decided that discretion is the better part of valour and did NOT go up the mast as we were still rocking in the swell.

The dolphins loved the sail in the water and all the commotion and stayed with us for ages, playing.
A pot of tea and a large slice of fruit cake soon restored us and the boys had a happy couple of hours putting the Code Zero up - down - up again; pole in, pole out again and finally decided on what we had originally - main and staysail!

All go on BM but crew in good spirits and all well.

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