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Mrs. G - Mrs.G 2000 Miles Report

Here we are again. Mrs.G passed 2000 miles early this morning; it took us another six days to reach this milestone. Two thirds of our route is behind us.

What happened in these six day? Not much and a lot! We are still in the middle of the Atlantic and one could say, there is nothing but water here. But - the sea changes all the time, the waves are bigger, smaller, higher... The clouds are building, one can see squalls around and some also come to us. We were watching the moon rising every night and had a beautiful full moon, which is now becoming smaller again. And even in the middle of the ocean the sunrise is not the same every morning...

What we really do not have is any life around us: with the exception of one (1) albatross some days ago, who came from nowhere , made two turns around our mast and then flew away again, we did not see a single being : not a fish, not a dolphin, not a fly.. And from our channel 72 we did not hear a single voice since the first day in the afternoon.

But our daily routine is quite firm now. We are running watches from 19 to 7 hours - 19 to 22 and 1 to 4 makes Sonja, 22 to 1 and 4 to 7 makes Norbert. During the day we are most of the time both in the cockpit, from time to time one can also take a nap.
Norbert's first regular nap is from 7 to 8:30. In the result, we are not really missing sleep.

There are two meals a day, breakfast around 9 and a lunch/dinner around 5. For breakfast we are baking up at least every second day some frozen bread, lunch/dinner comes from the deep freezer. We brought enough rations of home cooked food for the crossing and also beyond.

After breakfast is weather time. We get the latest wind forecast from Squid - 7 days in advance calculated in the German Icon model. This forecast we feed into our Adrena software, which then makes a fresh routing proposal. Adrena knows the (real) polars of our boat and our preferences, for example no downwind sailing with more than 150 degrees. Up to now the output is quite satisfactory.

During breakfast and weather time, the generator is running, charging the batteries. With everything up and running, we need 2 hours of generator per day. Every third day we fill up our water tank with the water maker.

According to the sailing, we ARE missing our gennaker since we entered the trade winds. But one gets forward also with slower speed. Let's see how the last 6 or 7 days will be.

Sonja, Norbert and Mrs.G

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