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Blake - sunrises and croissants

Sunrises at sea are pretty cool. A long drawn out affair of color that keeps you intrigued and wanting to see more. Menacing looking clouds at night reveal themselves as fluffy white cotton balls in the day. Sunrise and sunset are to the south of us still, I guess we are approaching the winter solstice when they will start to work their way further north. We should look up when the sun will be directly overhead in the Caribbean, pretty cool thing to google ‘Lahaina Noon’. That’s what they call it in Hawaii when the ‘cruel sun’ is directly overhead and it has the affect of casting no shadows at noon, spooky, check it out.

We opened the last bag of frozen croissants from Carrefour and popped 'em in the oven this morning, nice. The 12V Dometic freezer we put in has been pretty epic, it was chock full of great produce but as we’ve munched it down it now has space for us to start making ice cubes again, boat drinks!

It’s Saturday and there’s a good breeze filling in as we are closing in on Saint Lucia, the last push is a tough one, maybe more mentally than physically (tho my knees are starting to let me know they are ready for a break!) as the chart plotter makes the islands look tantalizingly close, but a few hundred miles is still a few hundred miles. We also have to get a good angle to slot in between Saint Lucia and Martinique to its north. Then we hang a left and loop into Rodney Bay and look for the finish line, maybe Monday at a squeeze if not then Tuesday. Hats off to all the finishers, save us a rum punch please!

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