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Tamanaco - great days

Today was another very nice day aboard Tamanaco! Wind was lighter than before, but still 12-15 knots, so enough to get moving. Everyone caught up on sleep, tidying up, and made progress with their books. We spotted some marine life.
In the afternoon I helmed for a couple of hours. I loved steeeri g my boat, anticipating wave motion, playing with angles and trying to not upset the rudder too much. All this comes together with the sound of the water flowing along the hull, and the wind blowing in my back.
We had a great meal prepared by Rodrigue: pork chops with veggies and sweet patates, along with a mustard and cream sauce., we always have supper together and drink a beer while listening to music and watching our sun set.
Earlier we crossed path with a large tug, which was only a few hundred feet away. We saluted their crew by blowing our horn.
Everyone is keeping an eye on distance left to destination (344 nautical miles as of the writing of this note) and dividing by our average speed (6.3 knots for the past 4 hours)to try and predict time of arrival. Personally I don’t care as much, it’ll be when it’ll be and in any event it’s better to make landfall in daylight. We’ll need to visit immigration before being allowed into town. But it’ll be nice to have an Ice cream after 20 days at sea!

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