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Khamsin - Khamsin Day 14

Just had one of those nights where you feel you didn’t sleep at all. Plucky Khamsin has had to battle hard all through the night: whereas yesterday the sea was on our side and the 3-4 metre swell gave her a swooshing kick, last night it turned more hostile and she was pummelled continuously from dusk til dawn. Having said that, once settled into the routine of squally showers and gusty winds passing through regularly, I quite enjoyed my night watch tho I got pretty wet a few times when waves crashed over the back of the boat, and had to rescue a few flying fish who were surprised to find themselves unexpectedly in our cockpit. I did try to photo their dragonfly wings for Piers but pretty unsuccessfully as it turned out. Right. What happened yesterday. For me yesterday was mixed thanks to the fishing escapades. Anyone who knows me knows I am not in line with the Arc’s general enthusiasm for fishing. In the morning I seriously considered jumping ship trying to block out the noise of three men fighting a 1.2m marlin(?). The very unfortunate marlin got the better of them but with horrific surely imminently fatal injuries. In the afternoon, there was a brief 5 minute tussle of strength with a ‘seriously huge’ fish that got away! Basically the whole 250m of line was pulled out under full resistance so powerfully that the brake in the reel started smoking and smelled of burning and the last bit of the line exploded hitting Jerry with shrapnel! Hopefully this fish escaped in better shape than the marlin. I’m never eating fish again… oh and just to let everyone know, we’ve got to go directly to St Lucia so Piers and Roland can catch their flight but then intend to go straight back down to Grenada hopefully in time for the ArcPlus awards ceremony on the 9th.

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