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Morgane of Sark - pup quiz Wednesday

Hi there, going into our 13 th night. Today flew by. Last night a couple of squals came close, but didn’t hit us. So, it was a good night.

This afternoon we did a pup quiz on the VHF with the guys from Sandy Cay. They are about 6 miles ahead of us, so we can communicate on the VHF.

We had a lot of chips and nachos and they also had popcorn and fresh made hummus. Like a little party.

The pup quiz was a lot of fun. Both boats prepared 10 questions and the losers have to pay for the Pina Colada’s in Grenada.

The score was 3-4, when a squal came to chase us. We quickly closed all the windows and rolled in our genua and changed course a bit. Fortunately, the squal just passed by.
But than, the squal was moving towards Sandy Cay. It was already going towards “dinner time, and it looked a bit unstable in the sky. So, we decided to play on tomorrow.
Looking forward to it.

What else? Mila and Merel are still in the push up challenge with Charlotte Sometimes. Did 50 push ups again.

The bread that flooded into the machine yesterday tasted really good! And we are trying to make yogurt at the moment, but we don’t have all the right ingredients (no whole milk), so doubt if the result is satisfying.

We are happy with our progress today. We came 155 miles closer to Grenada. By now, we are looking forward to get there. The ocean has been bumpy these last days.

On the daily SSB talks and VHF conversations, we have started to talk about the ETA’s. And about the Rum Punch Party’s we are going to have once we are there. Everybody is starting to “smell the stable”.

Our ETA at this moment is Saterday night/ Sunday morning. But, it all depends on the winds.

We sail “conservative” these last days. With a half main and often reefed genua as well. Rather arrive a little later without damaging the sails or other material. Still our average speed has been 6,3 knots.

Current position: N 11* 39 60 W 54* 04 77
Cog around 270
Sog 6,5- 7,5 knots
Windspeed 17-27 knots NE
We have our main and genua both reefed and on port side.

We have sailed 1700 miles, still 460 to go. Getting closer!

Xxx crew Morgane of Sark

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