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Morgane of Sark - 12 th night on the ocean. About tuesday

It’s 21:30 UTC and we are living at 19:30 right now, our board time. But, it’s still dusky, not quite dark yet. In Grenada it’s 17:30 now. We noticed that we eat dinner later every day as we don’t feel like eating dinner already with the sun still high in the sky. We should set our board clock back one hour tomorrow..

At this moment Mila is still participating in the evening SSB net. She is really getting a hand of it!

It’s nice to have this kind of communication. We learned that there is a large commercial vessel in this area without AIS signal and strange navigation lights. And this morning we heard one of the boats lost it’s life raft. It’s good to know otherwise it’s quite shocking if you encounter an empty life raft in the middle of the ocean. We didn’t by the way.

What else happened on the Morgane of Sark today?
Well, a lot of spilling and falling over of food today, due to the rocking of the boat.

I guess waves are around 3 meters at times, as some are higher than our dinghy.

Mila’s with love prepared yogurt bowl fell upside down, the entire coffeemaker tipped over and all the water poured on the floor. When bread making, the yeast bag fell on the floor, spreading yeast all through the cabin.

And the bread dough (probably we used too much water) flooded over the container in the machine when it was mixing. So, we had to clean the entire inside of the bread maker. Pfffff. Too many sudden moves today making a lot of mess!

What else? Just like every other day: reading, writing, talking, relaxing, SSB talks and trying to solve some riddles. And we did chores like vacuuming and hand washing some towels. No fishing today.

We noticed that we are starting to calculate our ETA. Life is still good at the ocean, but we secretly are looking forward to “arriving”. And the rumpunch party of course.

About the sails: We are still butterflying with a reefed main and a reefed jib. During daylight, we also have the cutter jib in between. We have made a nice 160 miles last 24 hours.

Current position: N 11* 45.01. W 51* 18.69
Cog 255-270 degrees (auto pilot on vane). Sog: 6,5-7,5 knots. Windspeed 15-25 knots.

We sailed 1550 miles, still 614 to go.

Xxx Crew Morgane of Sark

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