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Misty Mhor - Mhor Medical Thursday 25th

It got a bit too windy for the kite overnight and as it also veered it was taking us too far north. We dropped it in the dark, which meant all hands on deck! The deck lights worked well but it was still a bit of a trial. We gybed and poled out a reefed genoa until dawn and the wind had abated to a more modest 14 knots, from a high of over 22. Because of the rolling and the excitement we didn’t get much sleep.
Breakfast consists of all-bran with honey topped with muesli and fruit. We have containers of milk stashed around the boat and various fruits hanging in nets from any convenient attachment point. Yorkshire tea or ground coffee complete the meal. Yesterday we also had boiled eggs as well. What a treat. Did you know that eggs should be turned once a week to help them keep?
Eventually the wind died even more and we had to run the motor for very important reasons. First the batteries had dropped to 80%. The water maker was needed to replenish our tanks, which were down to 75%. Both need the power from the engine. Thirdly our intrepid medics had decided the water heater airlock was caused by the low position of the refill unit compared to the calorifer. A quick giving set (or is it an enema) was constructed high in the cockpit and another litre or two of vital fluids were pushed into its perfusion chamber. Capt Dr Jon in charge, see photo. Hot water tomorrow?
Our current position at 14.00 today is 21 deg 42 mins N and 21 deg 04 mins W. Still between Canaries and Verde but now only 2330 miles to go.
Dugald is in charge of tea tonight as Fiona is having a well earned day off. A hard act to follow. Btw she went for walk to the foredeck.


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