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Morgane of Sark - just another day at the ocean

We had a good Wednesday and all four of us were awake and outside almost the whole day. We are getting used of sleeping in parts.

It was a warm and sunny day and after running the watermaker, we could take a cold shower.

Highlight of the morning was a small whale or orca behind the boat. Mila and Merel were on watch and heard a peeping sound. The thought maybe a bird had flown into the cabin. The sound woke Herco up. Than they saw the whale. Or Orca. But, he didn’t stick around and left after a few minutes again.

Later on we had a huge group of dolfins passing by. They were chasing something and also didn’t stick around to swim and play along the boat.

Catch of the day was a huge bush of seaweed.

Another highlight: Merel baked delicious pancakes for all of us.

About 20 bananas turned black today, so we have to think what recipes there are with bananas. We would like to bake banana bread, but we haven’t managed to bake a normal bread yet…

What else did we do? The same stuff we do every day. Reading, writing, cooking, eating.. We throughly enjoy our days on the wiggling ship in the middle of the ocean.

Herco, as busy as he always is, almost has to keep up an agenda with times and frequencies of the SSB “meetings”. But, it’s fun and also informative to chat with the other boats.

We have been sailing close to High Cotton and Charlotte Sometimes. Funny, because those are the boats laying next to us in Mindelo. And on those boats are also the friends of Mila and Merel. High Cotton is out of our sight now, however.

Ok, about sailing.. We didn’t win a speed record today. Moving less than 4 knots parts of the day. Still lack of wind. We sailed pretty far to the south in the hope to catch some wind. In vain so far. We changed sails twice. At this moment we have our main and cutter jib on the port side and the jib on star board again. We have the auto pilot on a wind angle of 174 degrees. COG is 245-260. Current SOG is 3,9 knots. Wind 7 knots Easterly. The ocean is calm, but do we have “flapping” sails most of the time. Hoping for some more wind later this week.

Current position: N 11* 38.77 W 35* 31.38
We have sailed 668 miles so far with an average speed of 5,2 knots. With this average, we will arrive in Grenada Dec 7th in the evening. But, we will need some more wind these coming days.

Still 1550 miles to go.

Xxx crew Morgane of Sark.

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