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Misty Mhor - Misty Midweek Wednesday 24th

So here we are on our fourth day at sea. Still heading south towards the Cape Verde islands. We have covered 344 nautical miles and Verde is another 400 nm to go.
We should pick up stronger trades before then so can turn westward toward St Lucia.
Last night’s tea was fantastic again. Home made bread rolls and linguine vongole washed down with a nice bottle of Mhor water, a cheeky little number with a hint of oil and plastic (that could have been the glass).
My watch tonight is 04-06. There is enough light to see the kite filling, pulling us along at up to 6 knots in around a 10 knot north easterly wind. I’m engrossed in a book called Where the Crawdads Sings, so the shift passes quickly. Soon be time to make a tea for Alistair.
We kept the kite up all morning, making good southerly progress. The forecast predicted a big hole which by keeping south we were hoping to avoid. Further updates indicated it was time to gybe so just after 12.15 we did so. In 17 knots of wind we used the snuffler to de-power the sail and winched in the main, which gybed easily. Unlike the kite which decided to entangle itself around the forestay. Jon and Alistair adorned by life jackets and safety lines struggled to free it. Eventually we completed the gybe, the pole was now set on starboard and the course of 270 deg. m was set. Our course over the ground of 253 deg. should take us directly to St Lucia. At 8 knots the 2500 nm would take 13 days. Fingers crossed.
Tonight’s tea is lamb kofta with Fiona’s special chillie sauce, mint yoghurt and mixed salad served with flatbreads. I’m on first watch 10-12 so should get a good nights sleep.
The setting sun over St Lucia, using our imagination.


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