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Skyelark 2 - We also did some sailing...

Sunday 21st November

All aboard ‘Skyelark 2’,
If your not on board by 1000hrs you’ll be left behind,
We depart in light winds off on our journey to the promise of a rum punch at
our destination, discussions on board focus on eating, fishing lures and
conversations held at pre- departure dinner.
Our first sightings of dolphins at 0750hrs on Day 1,
Nigel revealed his lure, named ‘No Hope’ at 0820hrs, success was achievd at
1800hrs with a healthy Tuna (not as big as subsequent catches , which you
will read about later) , but a good size which prompted Ady , whose playing
Mother with Nigel on Day 2, to propose Tuna Nicsoise for lunch.
Definitely set down a marker with some fine dining at lunch
Night watch first chance to look at the stars, and contemplate the journey

Finished my watch at 0700hrs, time to launch my lure.............
Lola..... in honour of ‘The Kinks’and the mysterious temptress( maybe
temptor )....
Clearly a well named lure for Lola promised to harvest instant results,
after only 20 minutes, obviously a monster , but it slipped from our grasp.
Lola wasn’t to be beaten for success was found at 1230 and 1600hrs on each
occasion with monster Dorado--- tomorrows dinner.....
Lola has set down a marker for all to follow.

On todays dinner, myself and Peter are on ‘Mothers Duty’, which brings me
back to one of those on shore dinner discussions, in particular one with
Oliver and the quality of the Creme Brulee available in restaurants, instant
claim ‘not as good as you get at home’.............challenge was made...blow
torch tracked down........ban marie in a swell.........what was I
thinking..... full fat milk consumed by the crew....... I wonder if
semi –skimmed is any good........
Critics reviews tomorrow...

Lola’s story.....
The first challenger..... Eric’s lure.....Alfonso....... disappeared without
a trace......Waterloo Sunset?

Log by Brian

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