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Walkabout - Walkabout - Chillin' in the mid Atlantic - Day 5 Mindelo to Grenada

N12:9.9 W35:2.5

Yesterday was a fairly relaxed day. We had the same sail set up for over 24 hours - BWR dead downwind, Hydrovane steering. Winds were light, not much swell and the sun was out. A perfect day foe messing around on boats. But we aren’t messing around, we are going to Grenada!! So the main topic of conversation during the day was the wind and the fact that the forecast indicates that we will go from not much to very little over the next 24 hours. So we have been trying to decide on our plan. We want to make the best possible progress towards Grenada and keep motoring to a minimum. But we aren’t going to bob about doing 2knots. We will motor if we have to. We got through yesterday without motoring. We could see on AIS that 2 boats near us were motoring for a time. But it has been fairly slow progress at times - as low as 3 knots.

The forecasts indicate that there may be a bit more wind further south, so we have decided to head a bit more that way. Having not made a sail change all day, we decided to make that change at 0400 this morning - More foredeck work in the dark. All went well, and we now have the main and G1 driving us along on a heading of 230deg.

Our chilled out day had some sudden excitement when the fishing reel burst into life as the line was pulled out - ‘Fish On’ went the cry (or something like that). And so started the struggle to land our first catch. 5 minutes of sweat and toil later and we had our catch on board - a big lump of sea weed! Lines out again today, hoping for better luck.

Today has dawned bright and sunny. Maybe another chilled day. Will gybe later on this afternoon all being well.

Last night’s dinner was Beef stew, potatoes and home made bread to mop up the gravy - very nice. Only one more serving of beef stew to go!! The fruit stocks are going down. Today could be ‘banana day’ - Looks like they all need eating now!

We found a grub screw lying in the bow roller yesterday - can’t find where it has come from. Nothing seems to be missing from the furlers. Will continue the hunt today.


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