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Blake - why no fridge lights on boats?

It’s 203am and I’m looking for the milk and wondering why they don’t put lights in fridges on boats?! Armed with headlamp it’s not impossible to find what you are looking for but it does make you wonder (wish me luck getting the milk back in as ‘fridge Tetris’ can be a frustrating game!) hmm I’m a fan of domain names might see if that one’s available, maybe check to see if is taken too?

Why are we all trying to use round pots and pans on these little boat stoves? There should be some custom square pans, maybe they are already available? They would fit much more nicely and give you more cooking area. They need to be about 20-25cm square and probably with removable handles, and deep too as dinner tends to slop over the sides when the stove gimbals.

Otherwise all is well at sea, the girls were loving the visits from dolphins and a pod of small whales/large porpoises.

Aloha, Blake

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