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High Cotton - A Start

Although the winds haven’t been excellent we have been mostly on the move under sail. We are slowly transitioning into boat mode with people being more and more energized each day… however, sleeping for more than three hours at a time is something we daydream about frequently!

We made a slight miscalculation and have been forced to ration our coffee. Each crew member is allotted 1.5 caffeinated coffees a day and 1 decaf coffee every 2 days. It’s really going to test us but luckily there are plenty of other beverages on board that should be able to keep us in high spirits!

I’m reflecting a bit on a night we had in Mindelo—we spent an evening with a local family who cooked for us and shared their home with an incredible view of the city. We had drinks, shared stories and philosophies, played music and sang together, and at the end of the night parted ways after they escorted us home down the safer streets of Mindelo. I am not articulate enough to put into words the love that was surrounding us that night but when thinking about it, I am grateful to have such comforting experiences so far from home. What unexpected gems will Grenada have to offer us? I can’t wait to see!

Paul Youngblood signing off


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