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Moonflower 3 - Finish Line Fever

A double blog today... as Catie forgot to press send on the post for yesterday!

There’s a very tangible feeling of finish line fever today for Moonflower, though we’re still 600 miles away, that represents the final 20% of our race.

We’re down to our tin supplies and pasta dishes (the fresh fruit and vedge long gone) and are having to keep a close eye now on our gas and water provisions, in case we get caught in another patch of no wind.

It’s been 19 days since any one of us has set foot outside of our 44 ft home, 19 days since anyone has showered, and 19 days since the last full night’s sleep.

But, spirits are high as we edge ever closer to St Lucia, and we’re hugely appreciating everyone’s support.

Stay tuned for the last few days…

Your Moonflowers


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